Dolle Mol

Does it remind you of something?

Well, yes, We are back! The Dolle Mol has reopend its doors to continue the adventure.

A project a little crazy, five accomplices who decide to revive this mythical place of the artistic and irreverent life of Brussels, in the sacred island, close to the Grand Place.

An artistic and festive project, an ambitious cultural program with exhibitions, conferences, movies, concerts … all that, with the Brussels artists, our multicultural universe with all its nationalities, genres, opinions, differences … our “Babbel” -eir »

Regularly a new project will be proposed. On the basis of this project, a cinéclub, a conference, a concert will be declined to offer a transversal view of the theme.

A cultural café, Dolle Mol is a place of exchange and discovery. The bar is friendly and offers a taste of Brussels brewery products with, of course, some classics of our brewing gastronomy.

Thank you for your support.

Dollement yours!

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Morgane Griffoul Exposition

“Morgane Griffoul is interested in stories and legends, both personal and cultural, and interprets these stories using different techniques, such as embroidery, engraving or screen printing.
She draws her inspiration from fantasy and science fiction literature, myths from different cultures, as well as from her own memories of a little girl who grew up in the countryside in the 90s.

Her stories are populated by strange creatures, emancipated women, passages to other worlds, mystery and humor. “

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